I have been leading development projects and line organizations in:


  • Pilot Ericsson Cloud RAN on Microsoft Nexus
  • Improving and expanding the Mobile Core and IP transport networks for global IoT solution
  • Deploying new enterprise IoT solution trials in countries across Europe, Central- and South America, evaluating the technlogies and new business models in: mining industries, office buildings, harbors, public transportation, manufacturing industries, energy sector, global positioning organizations etc.

  • Leading organization for customer unique solution creation and deliveries in the Nordics, Baltics and Russia in Energy, Automotive, Shipping, Government Cloud, Fiber rollout, Public Safety etc.

  • Personally assigned to lead prioritized projects back to profitability, or to termination, including reaching acceptable commercial settlements

  • Establishing Technical Sales Support, Proposal Management, Price Management and Partner Management for new product/solution areas


across technlogy areas spanning from tailoring quantum effects in semiconductors, over ASIC/VHDL and mobile network design to CaaS - and expanding / downsizing / changing organizations and people skills over past 30 years.


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Zoltan Paska
M.Sc. Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering